Viewfinder Pictures is the Los Angeles based film and television production company of Carol Palokoff.



Carol Polakoff grew up in the Washington, D.C. area and studied at the University of Pennsylvania. After working as a photojournalist in Jerusalem, she studied film at the London International Film School. Returning to Israel, she began working as a television journalist for ABC. Moving to LA to pursue a career in motion pictures, she worked on movies, TV and documentaries. Her award winning documentaries as Producer/Writer/Director include: CUBA: IN THE SHADOW OF DOUBT and THE CLOSING DOOR: AN INVESTIGATION OF U.S. IMMIGRATION POLICY, both broadcast on PBS. Her television work has been nominated for many Emmys, and she has received two Director's Guild awards. While she was under an overall deal at Spelling she developed and made two TV movies for ABC, “Sexual Advances” and “Held Hostage”. She made a film on the eve of the peace accord between the Palestinians and the Israelis, and both the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority honored her photo series of democracy at work in the Middle East, by inviting her to act as an election observer to the Palestinian Elections in 1996.  Based in Paris since 1994, she has shown her work as a photographer as part of the Mois de la Photo and other venues throughout Europe.

In 2009 she opened her development and production company.  Her projects include: an English remake of an award winning Danish Oscar contender “Terribly Happy”, an original screenplay set in modern day Tehran, “Secret Sky”, an adaptation of "On Beauty" by Zadie Smith, and an adaptation of the Pulitzer prize winning book "American Prometheus" based on the life of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Her screenwriting includes the adaptation of the book “Love and Terror” (The Last Night), a romantic thriller set during one fateful night during the French Revolution.

In 2013, she opened the newly named Viewfinder Pictures in Los Angeles to pursue feature and TV development. Her TV slate includes two series set up at Fox/FX, one a future crime based limited series written by Ed Burns (The Wire) , and an adaption of a series of seven French novels.

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